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üst kurulus amblemleri

Headquarters: Tünel Yolu Cd. No.2 81110 Bostanci- Istanbul-Turkey Tel. +90 216 380 8590 Fax. +90 216 410 6626



Our Union was formed in 4-5 September 1993, by joining together of Independent Automobile Workers’ Union (Otomobil-Is) had been founded in 1963 and Mining Workers’ union of Turkey (T.Maden-Is) had been founded in DISK in 1947.

Our Union is affiliate both in EMF (European Metal Workers’ Federation) and IMF (International Metal Workers’ Federation).
Our Union has also been represented in Executive Committee and General Assembly in EMF.


President: Kamil KINKIR
Deputy President:  Ziya YILMAZ
General Secretary:  Muzaffer SAHIN
President of Finance Department: Coskun YILMAZ
President of Collective Barg. Department: Mehmet HELVACI
President of Organizing Department: Mehmet CABUK
President of Press and Education &Training Department:   Esmender TURNA



Our Union has 12 branches and 4 regional representation offices in Turkey and all of these offices are working as subsidiaries of our Head Quarter in Istanbul.

There are more than 100 work places which are organized by our Union. The number of Trade Union Representatives in these work places are about 300 and these persons have been determined by election.

The highest decision mechanism in our Union is General Congress which is held once in every three years. The number of delegates is 262. These delegates elect 7 members for Executive Committee, 3 members for Auditing Committee, 5 members for Discipline Committee besides delegates for highest committees and determine the programs and conclusions for next term.

The are also several committees which work as “consultation committees”. Presidents Committee with 67 members, Representatives Committee with 300 members and Experts Committee can be mentioned as consultation committees.

Furthermore, there are several working groups and commissions which are structured in our Headquarters but the works in these groups target our branches and work places.

  • Working Groups: On young workers, women workers, technical staffs and handicapped workers

  • Commissions: On technological Developments, Organizing and Social State

The Commissions and Working Groups are formed with volunteer workers who take training continuous, research, produce projects and undertake to put projects into practice.

Another function of commissions is to bring proposals to the agenda of General Congress and to produce action programs.

These initiatives can be increased depending on last developments in our country and also in the world. But the purpose will be the same: to improve democracy in Trade Unions and to reach a more dynamic, more educated, more civilized and more developed Trade Union Movement.


May  1999
Dizayned by United Metalworkers' Union

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