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MAI means, much more war, much more hunger, much more death, much more unemployment, much more exploitation, much more massacred nature or to sum up the profits much more our lifes.



The member organizations in working group against MAI

United Metal Workers’ Union (DISK)
United Transportation Workers’ Union (KESK)
Training Workers’ Union - İstanbul Branch no. 2
Training Workers’ Union - İstanbul Branch no. 6
Energy and construction workers’ Union - İstanbul Branch
The Platform against Privatisation
The Chamber of Medical Doctors - İstanbul Branch
The Chamber of Machine Engineers - İstanbul Branch 

The Chamber of Metallurgy Engineers - İstanbul Branch
The Chamber of City Planners - İstanbul Branch
The Chamber of Agriculture Engineers - İstanbul Branch
Consumer Association
Association of financial advisors and accountants
Southern Marmara Environment Association - GÜMÇED-
Civil İnitiative against chemical mining - KİMDAKSİ-


MAI is the composition of the first letters of Multilateral Agreement on Investments. This agreement has been discussed since 1995 in OECD and it’s planned to be signed in October 1998.
MAI is the constitution of multinational capital


Transnational companies have launched several associations and consortiums to increase their profit margins, to remove the obstacles infront of their advantageous and to expanded their own game field. And they named this game as "Globalization". OECD, WTO, NAFTA, URUGUAY ROUND are only a few but most important of these agreements and consortiums. The first steps of MAİ were taken during the process of GATT (Uruguay Round) which was signed in 1986. Previously, it’s intended to arranged MAİ in WTO, but then they turned to OECD in 1995, by considering the problems may occur due to excess numbers of countries in WTO (130 countries). Till 1997, the negotiations were carried out with in a big secrecy. But, in 1997 the agreement was heard by world public opinion thanks to informations which oozed from negotiating committee. The reactions come from NGOs on world basis, caused to delay signing of MAI.

On the other hand, with another multilateral agreement named as MIGA it’s intended to protect investments against specific risks. The MİGA which was signed in 1988 as a component of World Bank guarantees the investments in foreign countries like an insurance company.

The OECD known as "Club of riches" in the world.


Almost, there is not any topic which is not in MAI’s scope. The terminology of agreement is quite general. But the most essential article in MAI is the provision on " National treatment" which means that the Governments have to provide investment opportunities to foreign companies at least as much as domestic companies’.
Another important provision in agreement is on "Compensation of loses or damages". TNCs can bring a suit of law against the governments in host countries, if they loose on their investments. In these cases, the provision on "Most favourable countries" will be valid. If the measures which are taken by national governments to protect it’s own sovereignty or exist order affect on competition of TNCs negatively, these companies can bring a suit of law in international courts and the Governments will have to compensate their damages or to get their decision back.

Furthermore, together with MAI, TNCs can bring every person which are named as "Key person" by themselves to the host country without any visa or legal permission.
Signature countries will not be able to leave from agreement for 5 years, when they leave from agreement they will have to comply with MAI’s provisions for minimum 15 years.

MAI is the name of attack which targets every fields in our lifes.


According to the authorities in Ministry of Treasury and Foreign Trade, Turkish Government has 30 drawbacks on 8 different issues in agreement. But, nobody says any detail of these drawbacks. After a short examination , it’s understood clearly that the main reasons of these are not to protect human-workers rights or natural resources.
İn spite of the explanations which come from authorities that MAİ has not been accepted yet, MIGA is valid in Turkey currently.


Privatisation :
It’s not difficult to estimate that how much will MAI give momentum to privatisation process in Turkey if it’s thought that the biggest barrier in front of TNCs’ profitability is public enterprises. The biggest problems for people will be the privatisation of education , health and social security systems. For example, a multinational private University can claim privatisation for public universities by putting forward it’s own profit margin as an excuse. Moreover, the privatisation on energy, telecommunication and mining sectors will gain speed much more than before.

Labour :
In addition to increasing in unemployment and poverty rates as natural results of privatisation, the trade union laws and minimum wage laws can be showed as barriers in front of profit levels and TNCs can claim changes or delays of these laws. Moreover, some compulsory conditions for foreign investors in legislation system in Turkey like, to create an employment as not to below determined levels or to transfer technology will be ignored after MAI. In this context, the load on the shoulders of workers and poor people particularly in less developed and developing countries will get more heavy.

Environmental issues :
As a natural result of deregulation in privatisation, public enterprises will transfer to private companies and the most dangereous production systems will be applied in these investments. Natural environment, plants, lands and human life will be put in a big danger. The efforts and struggles like in Pergamon (Bergama) which still continue against Eurogold Company which is a multinational gold mining company can be assumed as an offence and the companies can bring a suit of law against Government. Of course, the governments will be a side on TNCs and they will increase pressures on people who wants and deserves to live in a healthy environment.

Cultural issues :
MAI also includes cultural issues and arts. That’s why, the people who serve in these fields will also be sacrifices of MAI.

Banking - Finance :
MAI will remove all restrictions on foreign finance capital and the world will be open to new Asian Crises. Just like in South Korea, Indonesia, Philipines and other Asian countries, the workers and poor people will pay the bill of financial crises .

Consumer Side :
All controls on products which were made and should be made by State to protect people’s health can be removed, even the controls aim to provide price stability can be abandoned.


NO !

NO, we will not permit

MAI - Information Meeting in Istanbul    MAI - Information Meeting in Istanbul

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